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Have you suffered from
medical negligence?

If you receive substandard or inappropriate medical care and you're injured as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Needle Related Injuries

Needle related injuries (also called ‘needlestick injuries’) are those caused by medical needles or syringes.

This can mean being pricked accidentally, which can understandably lead to worry of infection, or suffering excessive bruising or scarring after an injection or blood test is carried out incorrectly.

If you are suffering following a needle injury, you don't have to suffer in silence.

Making a needle injury claim

You can call us for free to talk about claiming needlestick injury compensation. Our experienced legal services advisors will listen to the details of your case sympathetically, and can help you understand whether you could make a medical negligence claim.

  • Any compensation you receive can be put towards ongoing healthcare, and compensate you for lost earnings after time away from work and any psychological effects associated with the injury
  • Your claim can highlight unsafe or inappropriate practises at your private or NHS healthcare provider that improves the overall standard of care given to other people
  • You’re legally entitled to claim if you’ve been the victim of negligent care that has led to physical or psychological harm, such as the lasting psychological effects of a needle injury

Remember, if your claim is successful, your compensation is paid by the NHS Litigation Authority or healthcare provider’s insurance company, so making a claim you will not adversely impact the quality of care provided to other patients.