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medical negligence?

If you receive substandard or inappropriate medical care and you're injured as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Accident and Emergency

The Accident and Emergency department is often the busiest in the hospital, with people coming and going at all hours.

However busy the hospital is, you should expect a high standard of care whenever you visit A&E.

If you suffer as a result of substandard care, for example if you’ve been given an incorrect diagnosis, fallen from your bed while being moved, or been given the wrong medication, you may be entitled to make an accident and emergency claim.

Medical negligence in A&E

Medical or ‘clinical’ negligence means a patient is harmed as a result of receiving substandard or inappropriate treatment.

Some types of medical negligence which can occur within the accident and emergency department include:

Patients sustaining injuries while being moved: a patient falling out of bed because bed bars aren’t put up, for example.

Misdiagnosis: incorrect or late diagnosis that causes further injury or prolongs recovery time. For more information, visit our dedicated misdiagnosis page.

Medication errors: causing deterioration in the patient’s condition, or serious side effects.

Failure to refer a patient to a specialist or discharging a patient prematurely.

Delays in treatment: leading to deterioration in the patient’s condition.

Accident and Emergency Claims

We understand the impact that medical negligence can have on your work and family life.

You are entitled to claim compensation for the suffering and inconvenience you’ve experienced, but also for any money you’ve lost as a result of your injuries, for example, if you’ve had to take time off work to recover. The amount of compensation awarded will be greater if you need further medical treatment or corrective surgery.

Getting started

We do all we can to make claiming the compensation you deserve as easy as possible.

  • Our legal services advisors can tell you whether they think you could be entitled to compensation in minutes. 
  • If you need a second opinion, we can arrange an independent medical assessment at no cost to you.
  • ​We will find the right solicitor for your accident and emergency claim, who will keep you up to date every step of the way. They can visit you at home, or at a place that’s suitable for you.

For more information on what’s involved, visit our page on what to expect.

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