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Have you suffered from
medical negligence?

If you receive substandard or inappropriate medical care and you're injured as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

GP Negligence

If a GP acts negligently and this causes you suffering, you may be entitled to claim compensation. What’s more, when things do go wrong, it’s important that the GP involved learns from what’s happened.

What counts as GP negligence?

GP negligence can involve errors such as late or incorrect diagnosis, failure to refer a patient to a specialist, and errors when prescribing medication.

There have also been instances where patients have not been able to see their usual GP (sometimes out of normal working hours), and have been given an inappropriate treatment by a doctor who has failed to consult the patient’s medical records.

GP negligence claims

To make a GP negligence claim, you must have suffered, either physically or psychologically, as a result of negligent treatment from your GP. Generally, GP negligence claims can be made within three years of the ‘date of knowledge’, that is, the date you realised that you received substandard care.

We know that some people think twice about claiming the compensation that could help them recover, as they’re worried about impacting upon their GP’s ability to treat others. It’s important to remember that if your claim is successful, your GP’s insurance provider will pay your compensation, not your GP.

Our service

We understand that all types of medical negligence can have life-changing consequences, so we do everything we can to make claiming the compensation you need as straightforward as possible:

  • Our friendly legal services advisors will help you understand what your rights are and whether you could be entitled to compensation within minutes
  • If so, we’ll find the right solicitor for your claim
  • Your solicitor will keep you up to date and be on hand to answer any questions, every step of the way
  • Your solicitor can arrange a medical assessment by an independent third party

For more information on making a GP negligence claim, you can call one of our expert legal services advisors, or start your claim online by filling in our simple form.

Making a complaint about your GP

We understand that if you’re suffering as a result of receiving substandard treatment, you may want to make a complaint about your GP - whether or not you claim compensation. In the first instance, complaints are usually made to the GP practice or Local Primary Health Trust.

The NHS Choices website offers additional information on making a complaint about your GP.

Making a Claim against a GP

"Bringing a complaint can improve standards of care."
Angelina Rigby, medical negligence solicitor

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